South Africa Road Trip

In April, Travel Concept Solution helped top Italian blogger Francesca Di Pietro (Viaggiare da Soli) & top Italian video blogger Angelo Lo Presti (SuperJab) plan and find partners for their South Africa Road Trip. As we have worked with local and international bloggers from around the world, we thought it would be interesting to ask these top international bloggers who have travelled to many countries not to write a travel story about their trip but to rather give us their thoughts on how they found the standards of what they experienced in South Africa in comparison to other countries they have visited.

Hostels are not hippy places anymore ……

backpacking through south africa

A Backpacking Experience

This trip was completely in the spirit of the way of traveling we enjoy. We are backpackers, not because we are cheap, but rather because of the vibe. Staying in “community accommodation” like hostels usually are, change the experience of your journey.

In the travel industry, a lot of people think that the budget travel is not a good business because people do not spend a lot of money. Hostels are not hippy places anymore , now backpackers can also be called flashpackers! People who travel with a high level of technology and a bunch of them are, like us, digital nomads.

We started in Cape Town where The Backpack was our home for about two weeks. We book for 5 days, we thought we would change area or hostel after a while, but we like the atmosphere so much we stayed longer.

Francesca says ….

“As I’ve said on my blog, for me The Backpack is the best hostel I’ve ever stayed at! What I like most about the Backpack is that it is comfortable, every corner, every room every balcony is cosy, everywhere even has the same style and the same amazing quality plus of course amazing wi-fi,

It doesn’t matter if you are in a dorm, a private room, a common area or the kitchen, the guest experience doesn’t change which relaxes you a lot, just what you need when you are far from home.

There is not even any service difference between the owner at the reception or just the staff. It’s so important to train hostel staff well, to explain your philosophy, teach them how to behave with clients. Several times when travelling around the world I have experienced hostel staff that have treated me like I have empty pockets, thinking that the quality of the service they offer isn’t important because I am not going to spend money, and that can make the most beautiful hostel anywhere very uncomfortable.”

During our road trip in South Africa, we had the opportunity to stay at Afro Vibe in Sedgefield, at Wild Spirit in Wilderness and Buccaneers Backpackers in Chintsa, which were all amazing places with unique vibes.

The travel industry in South Africa does a good job , you go, you fall in love, you come back … BUT, they don’t make you dream before you arrive. People chose destinations because they want to see what they imagine. So make them dream!

We speak as Europeans and as Italians, the most of the people we know have the completely wrong idea about South Africa which is just safaris and honeymoons. The first time we figured out that South Africa has a big culture of backpacking and adventure tourism was after watching Budget Travellers #MeetSouthAfrica Road Trip video (Produced by TCS).

If we can suggest something to the Backpacking industry is invest more on your online marketing.

Do a better website, tell you’re amazing stories also online, use the social media in a professional way & let people fall in love with South Africa before they book a flight.


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