Mossel Bay

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Long known as a quaint little fishing village waking up only at the start of the 'season' - when just about everyone from the interior would converge on the seaside for Christmas and the New Year celebrations - Mossel Bay has now grown into an all year round friendly holiday haven.

Shops crammed with curios and souvenirs and mod cons to rival any found in the First World contrast delightfully with bare feet and vendors selling their wares on sidewalks in easy-going Africa mode. Structures built from dressed sandstone dating from the early days of the town stand side by side with modern architecture - some of outstanding quality, others not so much so. And the weather is tailor-made to melt away those winter woes...

Activities and sightseeing in the area

Maritime Museum

Potuguese explorer, Bartholomew Diaz, was the first European to land in Mossel Bay in 1488. You can see a replica of his ship in the Maritime Museum.

The Post Office Tree

This milkwood tree is thought to be older than 800 years and has been declared a national monument. In the year 1500, a letter was left below this tree in a seaman's boot to be collected by a passing ship. And so the tree became the first office in South Africa.


Mossel Bay has some of the best surf spots on the South African coast at Santos, De Bakke and The Point.