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Kruger Photo Safari – Kruger National Park will be hosted by an experienced, very passionate and FGASA qualified guide and wildlife photographer Douglas Carr. Douglas is an award-winning photographer who has returned to South Africa in 2015 to follow his passion for the bush and wildlife photography.

Kruger Geo Tours

Since 2016 he has spent most of his time in the Kruger Park working and researching animal hot spots to maximise your wildlife photographic opportunities. A Kruger Photo Safari is for photographers of all skills levels.

Every visitor to the Kruger National Park will be taking photos of their wildlife encounters and theirs no better way to do it than on a Kruger Photo Safari alongside a wildlife photographer. On a Kruger Photo Safari with us, you will always be placed in the best light and angle that would give you the photographer the best composition and photography opportunities. Beginner wildlife photographers will get free advice regarding camera setup and settings to improve their creative photographic skills.

Wildlife photography

Although a lot of people go on safari with only their smartphones to really capture wildlife and to become a creative wildlife photographer you’ll need to upgrade to a Bridge camera or D-SLR with interchangeable lenses. Wildlife is wild and anything can happen in a moment. A great wildlife photographer is always ready to capture the moment. You and your gear have to be set up right to be able to react quickly as the action unfolds. To freeze the action you’ll need a fast shutter speed, at least 3000/sec, but freezing the action is easy, capturing motion with slow shutter speeds takes more practice. Join me on a Kruger Photo Safari to learn or enhance your wildlife photographic skills.

Why choose Kruger Photo Safari

Kruger Photo Safari is Experience Conscious and yes, there are many safari operators to choose from, but we are Passionate about Seeing and Photographing Wildlife and all our Kruger Park tours and safari itineraries are made from our Personal First-Hand Experience from living and working in and around the Kruger National Park.

Your South African tour & Kruger photo safari experiences is our passion and it’s personal.

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